Gert often uses one-liners during his training and coaching for inspiration. Some of them you will find here. If you have questions or reactions, feel free to contact Gert.


You will get the people (employees, colleagues, customers) you deserve

Choosing is loosing, not to chose is to be lost

What you’re not trying to hide, won’t be discovered


I’d rather not be respected for who I am than be respected for who I am not

It very easy not to get along. It is more interesting to do get along. And this probably costs the same amount of energy...


Uncertainty is the only certainty we have left

We are all insecure. Out of insecrity some make themselves smaller, others bigger. But the more clear you have your values, the less you’ll need to be insecure...


Objectivity when it comes to appraisal, is the chance you offer your employee to be able to recognise your rating

SAY you start to be irritated, is more effective than to respond irritated


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