Gert certainly chooses a hands-on approach. He won’t say how it MUST be done or tell you what will NEVER work. Preferring to discover together what could be a perfect solution for each specific situation. He brings awareness to the training participants about the effects of their behaviour and encourages the participants to take a similar approach with each other (do so amongst each other).

Eventually Gert will encourage participants to make their own choice; they decide the best way to make their behaviour more effective and aligned with their goals. This is because, he is convinced that in the end everyone will make his or her own choice. Part of his training and coaching deals with competences. Where needed, Gert will encourage participants to remove ‘deep layers’ to reveal underlying values, convicitons or (limiting) beliefs. Since 2019 Gert is also a certified Mental Coach and HearthMath coach.

In training and coaching he likes to use ‘proven’ theoretical models, but only to simplify the reality. Models are tools and are never sanctified. He also likes to work with trainined actors to help participants work on their own challenges in a safe environment. Gert practiced improvisation theatre for a few years and therefore he has the skills and techniques necessary to play the part of an actor/character.

What Gert loves when working with groups and individuals is that almost everytime people come to realise certain things they can use to do their own jobs, in their own environment more effectively and with more freedom and fun. He realises how special it is to contribute this and is happy and humbled by it. Because ‘making a contribution to the wellbeing of others’ is one of his most important values, he is convinced that he will continue to enjoy this aspect for a long time to come. It was never and will never be Gert’s ambition to become a large training organisation. Providing training and coaching himself, that is his ambition!

‘YOUR development and YOUR challenges are MY commitment, because they will make YOU and ME grow.

If this appeals to you then I’d like to facilitate as you discover insights and skills which will enable you to become more effective and/or to work with more freedom and fun. It is my challenge to do this with trust in you and trust in myself’’

gert van grunsven international communication coach